Chrome extensions

The issue when testing Chrome extensions is that they’re embedded in the browser, they’re not an element on the page itself. As a result, what should be pretty straightforward Playwright (or Cypress or Selenium) code needs additional scaffolding around it and often specialized infrastructure that QA Wolf has built to simplify test automation and test runs.

Our approach is to install the extension every time we spin up the virtual machine and browser. That way we can test the workflows where the application and extension have to interact—which is how the end-user would experience it.

Crypto wallets

Initiate and sign transactions, test integrations with DAOs and smart contracts, or mint NFTs. We run automated tests for any blockchain transaction a user can do on their own.

Marketplace managers

Run tests to check product listings, de-listings, price changes, sales, or anything else that a user can do with your extension.

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