Multi-user flows

The internet is for multi-user collaboration, and QA Wolf can test any multi-user workflow, no matter how many users “multi-” means to you. 

Using the QA Wolf platform, we spawn multiple browsers so they don’t share the same in-session context (something that’s very time consuming when you’re doing it manually) so that our test scripts can perform the actions of two (or more) separate “users.” Depending on the test, the test steps can be done at the same time, or sequentially.

Signing (and counter-signing) contracts

Including ID verification and digital notary services. 

Chat & calls

One-to-one or one-to-many, as well as staggering when participants join and drop, sending files, and verifying audio/video quality.

Collaboration tools

Test that multiple users can show up in a collaborative workspace, view, and edit the same data and that it stays in sync across users.

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