Automated testing lets CoSell innovate and experiment

September 2022
CoSell’s small team of developers needs to be nimble while looking for product-market fit. By providing automated test coverage and hands-on QA expertise, QA Wolf gives them the security to move fast without breaking things.

World-class expertise at a low, predictable cost

  • Full E2E use case coverage for less than half the cost of a developer
  • Predictable, fixed costs even as the company pivots and their UI changes
  • Expertise to test complex, multi-user workflows

Meet CoSell

Founded in January 2021, CoSell is a professional networking platform that helps make meaningful introductions between colleagues and coworkers.


Moving quickly while laying the foundation for sustainable growth

When you’re a pre-market fit start-up, your team needs to be able to move fast, experiment, and adapt. And one of the toughest trade-offs you’ll face—one of hundreds—is allocating your scarce (and expensive) engineering resources between new feature development to attract customers and automated testing to keep things moving. This was the challenge that Andrew Burleson, co-founder and CTO of CoSell, was facing.

We were right at that transition moment where there was just enough surface area in the app that doing manual QA for every release got too time consuming and things started to slip through the crack. We’d have customers yelling at us at 7:00pm that some specific edge case is broken.”
—Andrew Burleson, co-founder and CTO

Not only had the application gotten too big for manual testing, the complexity of the product created additional challenges for the team. 

“A lot of our workflows include asynchronous third-party integrations with multiple participants: One person connects, their data gets processed, other people need to be notified of the results—and each party has branching actions they can take that need to be tested. We didn’t know how to test that flow, even if we had the resources to do it.”
—Andrew Burleson, co-founder and CTO

CoSell needed a QA solution they could spin up quickly, didn’t require the team to stop working, and could grow alongside the product as it matured.


QA Wolf took end-to-end testing off the CoSell team so they could focus on their product

80% end-to-end test coverage

When QA Wolf came on board, CoSell was doing all front-end testing by hand. Today, 130 separate requirements have been automated and can run with each merge.

Proactive QA engineering

As CoSell updates their UI in response to user feedback and market needs, QA Wolf rewrites and maintains new tests to ensure 80% test coverage. 

“If I start another company, I’m hiring QA Wolf from the start.”
—Andrew B., CTO of CoSell
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