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assertText(page, text[, options])

Assert text is on the page, or element if a selector is specified in options.

If the text is not found before the timeout, an error is thrown.

// assert the page has the text "Saved" within 30 seconds
await assertText(page, "Saved");
// assert the element with selector ".result" has the text "Pass" within 60 seconds
await assertText(page, "Pass", { selector: ".result", timeout: 60000 });


page (Page): The page to search for text.

text (string): Text to assert exists.

[options] (Object)

  • [selector] (string): Selector of an element to find text. Default: Search the page
  • [timeout] (number): Time in milliseconds to wait for the text. Default: 30000

Returns: Promise<void>