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getValue(page, selector[, options])

Get the value of an element by selector on the page or frame. See an example test here.

If the element has the value attribute, it is returned. Otherwise, innerText is returned.

If the element is a checkbox, a boolean is returned reflecting whether the element is checked.

If the element is not found before the timeout, an error is thrown.

// get the value of a header
const header = await getValue(page, "h1");
// get the value of an input within 60 seconds
const inputValue = await getValue(page, "input", { timeout: 60 * 1000 });


page (Page): The page to search for text.

selector (string): Selector of element to assert exists.

[options] (Object)

  • [timeout] (number): Time in milliseconds to wait for the element. Default: 30000

Returns: Promise<boolean | string>