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Manage Alerts

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to manage alerts. QA Wolf alerts your team whenever your tests run, providing details about how many tests passed or failed.

You can choose to alert your team with Slack or email whenever your tests run.

Update Alert Settings

To update your alert settings, first visit the Team settings page. You can access this page from sidebar of the dashboard.

Open team settings

The alert settings are at the bottom of the settings page. By default, your team will receive email alerts every time your tests run.

Alert settings

The first setting is when your team receives alerts. If "Only on failure" is selected, you will receive an alert only when tests fail. If "Always" is selected, you will receive an alert every time your tests run (even if all tests pass).

Alert only on failure

Add a Slack Channel

To receive Slack alerts, you first need to add a Slack channel. Click the "Add Slack channel" button under "Alerts channel" to start this process.

Add Slack channel

Select the channel to post the alerts to and click "Allow".

Accept Slack permissions

You will be redirected to the settings page. Make sure your desired channel is now selected.

Choose Slack channel


When your tests run, you will receive alerts in your selected channel (email or Slack).

The alerts will link to any failing tests with a video, logs, and the status of each line of code.

Failed test