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Run Tests on a Schedule

In this tutorial, we'll schedule our tests to run every day. This helps ensure our critical workflows are not broken.

Create Schedule Trigger

First we'll create a trigger to run our tests every day. QA Wolf uses triggers to determine when to run your tests.

To manage your team's triggers, use the "Triggers" button in the sidebar of the dashboard.

Add trigger from dashboard

Click this button to open a popup with options to create a trigger.

Confirm you are on the "Schedule" tab.

Create trigger

You can rename your trigger, or keep the default name ("Daily" in our example). Next choose whether you want your tests to run every day or every hour.

You can choose to run all your tests, or only tests with specific tags.

Choose tags

If you have any environments, you will also need to select one for your trigger.

Once you are done, click the "Create trigger" button to save your trigger.

View Run History

🎉 Congratulations - now your tests will run on a schedule in 100% parallel!

You can see your test runs in the "Run history" page of the dashboard.

Run history