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What is QA Wolf?

Hi there - thanks for checking out QA Wolf 🐺

Our mission is to help developers ship confidently. QA Wolf is an open source tool for setting up browser tests on your web application.

We make browser testing (also called end-to-end testing) easy in a few ways:

  • No install: Create and run your tests from the browser - no installation or setup required.
  • Auto create code: Your actions are converted to test code, so you can skip writing boilerplate.
  • One click CI: Schedule or run tests on deployments with one click.
  • Easy debugging: Understand failures with a video recording and detailed logs.
  • Out of the box alerts: Send email or Slack alerts to your team.

We're constantly working to make QA Wolf even easier, so please reach out to us with questions or feedback.

Curious yet? Sign up here or read how to create a test with QA Wolf.