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When product teams are small and focused on a single application, it’s easy to remember how everything is built and predict how new code will perform. That doesn’t work when you have hundreds of developers working on dozens of projects, modifying code that might have been written before the engineer was even hired — or even out of school. 

Without regression tests running against the entire application on each release, it’s almost impossible to prevent bugs from escaping. While running and maintaining potentially thousands of tests would take enormous resources. That’s what QA Wolf solves.

QA Wolf provides test coverage as a service. We build, run, and maintain end-to-end regression tests for new and legacy features, and filter out noisy flakes. Engineers and QA testers are responsible for product quality, but that doesn’t mean having to be responsible for the test suite itself — it means fixing problems when they’re caught and before they’re released to customers.

What we do

Automated testing for legacy code — and what’s new

80% test coverage in 3 months
Comprehensive test coverage is a competitive moat that helps your engineering team stay nimble. With it, you can be confident that legacy systems won’t be affected when you release new features — and gives you the confidence to refactor and modernize without disrupting critical operations. 

Full confidence to release in 3 minutes
No matter how large your application, you’ll be able to run a full regression suite in a few minutes because all of our tests run in parallel. We establish a secure connection to your test environment and spin up separate containers for each test to run in without adding any new infrastructure to your CI pipeline.

24/5 bug reporting, test maintenance, and QA supportWe’re built to support distributed teams, off-shore development, and continuous deployment — whenever you’re shipping code, we’re running tests and reporting bugs.

Test cases

Managed QA designed for enterprise companies

Secure testing and communications
QA Wolf is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant. Our black-box testing only interacts with the rendered UI, not the source code or databases behind it. Each test creates and cleans up its own data, and never needs access to actual user information. 

Integrated into your processes
We work as an extension of your team. That means, communicating directly through Slack or Teams, triggering runs on deploy or a schedule, and filing bug tickets directly into your issue tracker. And because every team is different, you’re assigned dedicated Wolves who will learn your particular ways of working. 

No vendor lock-inYou own the tests and can export them at any time. They’re vanilla Javascript using the open-source Playwright framework, so you won’t have to worry about running them internally — assuming you want to maintain them all yourself.

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