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E2E test maintenance is sapping your QA team’s potential


QA Wolf takes end-to-end testing off of your QA team so they can focus on higher-value work

You’ve got a large, complex, interconnected application — maybe a few of them — and a QA team that’s focused on maintaining end-to-end test coverage. But what about load testing, performance testing, or accessibility?

QA Wolf partners with your QA team. Leveraging their testing strategy and maintaining a test suite for your developers, we give your QA team the space to build out higher-level tests and produce more testable code.

‍Like working with an in-house team
We’re on Slack with you 24/5 to share status updates, bug reports, and to plan new tests with you.
Zero flaky tests to maintain
QA Wolf handles test maintenance and infrastructure, giving your developers and QA team more time to focus on the core business.‍
The key to shipping faster‍
Tests run in parallel so your devs get feedback instantly. And we integrate with your CI/CD so you can ship continuously.
It wouldn’t be end-to-end testing without integrations and APIs
Our automated tests play nicely with
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