ZERO-EFFORT automated QA

✔ Automated end-to-end testing done for you
✔ 24/5 bug reporting with zero flakes, guaranteed
✔ Integrate with your CI/CD
✔ Written in Playwright and no vendor lock-in
✔ Three month pilot
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We’ll get you to 80% automated test coverage in 4 months - and keep you there.

high test coverage for teams with 10+ developers

Engineering teams with at least 10+ developers make the most out of high test coverage and have the capacity to process bugs efficiently.
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"Since early December 2022 when we started to run every staging build against the QA Wolf suite and I can't point to a single bug that's gotten through"


"They took the time to learn the product, they write new test suites as features are being developed, and they're as invested in our success as we are"

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"I like that I can outline what needs to be automated, and QA Wolf will automate it. This allows our team to focus on our product, and remain confident"

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You’ll never wonder if your next release is ready to ship

QA Wolf's in-house experts based in the US, UK, and AU provide you with 24/5 bug investigation, test creation, and maintenance. Your test suite runs on our parallel testing infrastructure so you get results in <5 minutes.
Ship more
Free up developer time to build more products and features 
Ship fast
Get verified bug reports. No more dealing with false positives.
Ship confident
Run your test suite in parallel so you get results in minutes, not hours.
QA Wolf integrates with the tools you already use
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step one

Start with a three-month pilot

See how effortless we make QA before committing to a longer term partnership. We’ll create a comprehensive test plan and start to write, run and maintain your test suite from the QA Wolf platform.

All we need is a product tour and an environment. No code access is required.

draft tests organized into groups in the QA Wolf app
End-to-end test code in the QA Wolf editor.End-to-end test code in the QA Wolf editor.
Step Two

Ramp to 80% test coverage in 4 months

It takes in-house teams at least 2 years to reach 80% coverage. We'll do it in 4 months.

Our platform uses Playwright under the hood; you’re never locked in, and if we part ways test code is yours to keep and use.

Step Three

Add test cases as your product evolves

New features are no problem. We’ll create new test cases and maintain the existing ones to keep you at 80% coverage no matter how big your app gets.

When we detect a bug, we'll deliver a report directly to your dedicated communication channel. You'll never be sent a false positive -- only pure, actionable signal.

summary result of a daily staging server test runsummary result of a daily staging server test runsummary result of a daily staging server test runsummary result of a daily staging server test run
start a three month pilot
Get 80% test coverage