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There’s no margin for error when you’re building financial software. Not only do customers have to trust you with their money, documents, and personal information. But as a regulated industry, you’re also subject to overlapping state, federal, and international rules and regulations. Automated end-to-end testing mitigates the risk of bugs in new features, legacy code, and third-party integrations. We make sure your systems work as they’re supposed to, and prevent bugs that could damage your clients or expose you to legal liability.

What we do

Minimize risk and maximize returns

Secure, black-box test coverage for complex workflows and transactions

End-to-end testing validates the fully rendered front-end experience without accessing your source code or your databases. Test data is created and destroyed for each test run without accessing PII. 

Fully parallel, high-volume testing 

Our cloud infrastructure is built for high-volume testing. Each test runs in its own isolated container, enabling thousands of workflows to be tested in parallel and simulating real-world loads.  

24/5 test updates and maintenance 

As your application changes, new processes are instituted, or the regulatory environment changes, QA Wolf will modify the automated tests so they’re validating the latest rules and procedures.

Test cases

Compliance, accuracy, and security

Ensure regulatory compliance

Successfully navigate complex regulatory and reporting obligations with automated tests that check documentation and audit trails, fair lending practices, even jurisdictional-specific disclosures. 

Protect user data and privacy

Simulate end-to-end user journeys and transaction flows, and ensure that data is encrypted, stored, and processed according to GDPR, CCPA, and other regulatory requirements.

Validate contract terms 

Avoid costly mistakes by making sure that dynamically-generated contracts, loan applications, regulatory filings, audit reports, and other paperwork are accurately created by your software.

Prevent fraud

Protect your users and your business by verifying security measures like role-based permissions, suspicious transaction flags, and account recovery workflows.

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