Automated end-to-end testing for:

Blockchain & Web3

Trust is paramount in the world of blockchain and web3. Users expect seamless transactions, secure smart contracts, and a bug-free experience. Beyond the promise of decentralization and transparency, these platforms handle valuable and sensitive data that needs to be protected. And with the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape around cryptocurrencies and decentralized platforms, compliance cannot be an afterthought.

Automated end-to-end testing ensures that vulnerabilities in new developments, legacy systems, and even integrations with other chains or oracles are caught before they’re released. We make sure that your platform functions as intended, preserving user trust, safeguarding assets, and avoiding regulatory pitfalls. With QA Wolf, you can concentrate on the future, knowing your foundation is solid.

What we do

Automated QA for the distributed web

Automated end-to-end tests for web apps, smart contracts, and extensions

We’ve developed special skills and techniques to test the entire user experience, from front-end apps and wallets to Proof of Work on a blockchain. 

Fully parallel, high-volume testing 

Our parallelization infrastructure gets test results to developers faster, but also simulates high-volumes of transactions and user activity across decentralized systems which can identify deadlocks, race conditions, or other synchronization problems that sequential testing can’t. 

24/5 test updates and maintenance 

Wherever your team is located, QA Wolf is working their hours. We have full-time QA engineers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia for 24/5 testing and support.

Test cases

Compliance, security, usability

Ensure regulatory compliance

Simulate user registration to confirm that all necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are correctly implemented, including image capture for photo ID verification and integrations with third-party background checks.

Protect customers from fraud

Test that security measures like multi-factor authentication (MFA), tokenized access, withdrawal limits, or transaction approvals are always functioning as expected.

Test browser extensions

Make sure that your front-end is successfully able to communicate with major wallets, or your own Chrome extensions to process transactions and complete smart contracts.

Validate NFT transactions

Simulate the entire process of a user uploading a digital asset, minting it as an NFT, listing with the correct details and metadata; and test that purchasing flows transfer the NFT to the buyer’s wallet.

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