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Blockchain & Web3
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Finance
  • NFTs and collectibles
  • Logistics & supply chains 
  • IoT
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  • Identity management

Web3’s distributed tech means that Web2 testing strategies don’t work. You have to test the whole blockchain infrastructure—and we know how.

Most blockchain transactions include financial assets, and when Web3 dApps aren’t tested end-to-end they can put their users at risk. But blockchain technology is so new, changing so quickly, and so different from Web2 that most QA engineers don’t have the experience to build and maintain comprehensive test coverage.

QA Wolf leads the pack in blockchain and Web3 testing. Our platform tests third-party integrations, works with Chrome extensions, and validates the smart contract was executed correctly and recorded accurately.

‍Whole-app coverage in weeks, not years
QA Wolf automates 80% of user flows in four months. And we keep you there by scaling your test suite as you scale your product.‍
100% reliable results on every run‍
Every test failure is investigated by full-time QA Wolves in the US, UK, and Australia 24/5. Only human-verified bug reports are sent to your team. No flakes. No false alarms.‍
Full-suite Pass/Fail alerts in minutes‍
Your entire test suite runs in parallel on QA Wolf’s kubernetes infrastructure. Practice true continuous deployment. No more test queuing.
It wouldn’t be end-to-end testing without integrations and APIs
Our automated tests play nicely with
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