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There’s no room for bugs when you’re serving patients. Teams need to focus on the health and wellbeing of the users and their families, while staying compliant with overlapping federal and state regulations. Automated end-to-end testing mitigates the risk of bugs in new features, legacy code, and third-party integrations. We make sure your systems work as they’re supposed to, and prevent bugs that could impede patient care or expose you to legal liability.

What we do

Vital check-ups for healthcare apps

Secure, black-box test coverage for complex, integrated software

End-to-end testing validates the fully rendered front-end experience without accessing your source code or your databases. Test data is created and destroyed for each test run without accessing PHI. 

Fully parallel, high-volume testing 

Because healthcare is so personalized, our cloud infrastructure is built to run thousands of unique scenarios simultaneously. Each test runs in its own isolated container so that the entire test suite can finish in a few minutes.

24/5 test updates and maintenance 

As your application changes, new processes are instituted, or the regulatory environment changes, QA Wolf will modify the automated tests so they’re validating the latest rules and procedures.

Test cases

Privacy, care, and compliance

Ensure HIPAA compliance

Adhere to federal, state, and local healthcare record regulations by testing that PII and PHI is only accessible to authorized and authenticated users, systems track user identification, data integrity is maintained and changes are logged, and ePHI is encrypted. 

Deliver patient-focused care

Run automated tests across the entire patient journey from scheduling and registration, to telemedicine appointments, patient portal access and communications, and billing to provide holistic, results-driven care.

Test HL7, FHIR, X12 and other APIs

Verify integrations with third-party EHRs, practice management systems, lab information systems, and billing and insurance portals. 

Protect patient data and privacy

Simulate end-to-end user journeys and information flows, and ensure that data is encrypted, stored, and processed according to HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

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