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Vital check-ups for HealthTech apps

  • Virtual counseling
  • Telemedicine
  • Fitness
  • Women’s health
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Patient portals
  • Diet & nutrition

When there are bugs in healthcare applications, patients and providers suffer. Comprehensive end-to-end testing finds bugs during development before they become a problem.

HealthTech is a complex web of technologies, systems, and processes that have to work together. Even small bugs can have serious consequences for patients, which can turn into major business risks for the company. End-to-end testing finds bugs before they reach users, and makes sure your application is safe, reliable, and compliant with always-changing regulations and standards of care.

‍80%+ coverage in weeks, not years
Automated E2E testing can find bugs in everything from patient records to wellness programs. As you build and innovate, we’re there with additional coverage.
Zero flakes and 100% accurate test results‍
Third-party integrations aren’t a problem. Every test failure is investigated by full-time QA Wolves in the US, UK, and Australia 24/5. Only human-verified bug reports are sent to your team. No flakes. No false alarms.‍
Full-suite Pass/Fail alerts in minutes‍
Your entire test suite runs in parallel on our kubernetes infrastructure so you can practice true continuous deployment. No more test queuing.
It wouldn’t be end-to-end testing without integrations and APIs
Our automated tests play nicely with
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