Case Studies

Chief met the moment with automated testing

In 2020, Chief, the most powerful network of women executives, needed to pivot quickly to a digital community when the COVID-19 pandemic forced a complete flip from live in-person events to a fully virtual setting. The rapid expansion of digital community spaces also spurred investment in automated end-to-end testing to maintain the highest quality member experience. QA Wolf built automated tests for 60% of Chief's core features in four months, enabling their in-house QA engineers to focus on new product development and seamlessly transition from live to virtual.

Automated E2E Testing Helps Vividly See More Clearly

Vividly, a B2B trade promotions platform, was bogged down by time-intensive manual testing that let bugs slip under the radar. After QA Wolf stepped in, Vividly reached 75% end-to-end test coverage in four months, allowing their QA engineers to focus on performance, load, and exploratory testing. Now Vividly QAEs are zeroed in on improving product quality, and developers can take on a major platform refactoring project knowing that they have the test coverage to build and innovate.

MakersPlace is unchained from blockchain QA

Testing Web3 and blockchain technology is hard, even for companies in the space. MakersPlace relied on 300 manual test cases to debug their platform and marketplace, blockchain transactions, and third-party integrations like the MetaMask Chrome extension. By automating the test suite, QA Wolf reduced their testing time from weeks to minutes and gave their team more confidence to ship.

Full test coverage kept Bubble from popping

Bubble, a platform for building web apps without code, needed a way to test an infinite number of workflows across multiple environments, including features flagged off in Production. Not a problem! By integrating QA Wolf into their development process, nearly 100% of Bubble’s core features had automated test coverage within four months — and without pulling their engineering team off of feature development or building an in-house QA team. Today, every release goes through full UAT and regression testing and their customers enjoy a stable, reliable platform for their businesses.

With Padlet's test coverage up, bugs and distractions are down

By offloading end-to-end testing onto QA Wolf, Padlet’s team went from 10% test coverage to 95% in 12 weeks — a goal that would have been unattainable with the no-code tools they were using. Today the app is observably more stable than it’s ever been, and the team is saving hours to days every week not having to triage flaky tests.

Automated testing lets CoSell innovate and experiment

CoSell’s small team of developers needs to be nimble while looking for product-market fit. By providing automated test coverage and hands-on QA expertise, QA Wolf gives them the security to move fast without breaking things.

With QA handled, Minno’s team is swimming free

By embedding with their team and providing white-glove support, QA Wolf helped Minno go from multi-week, manual UAT to fully-automated, real-time regression testing and test-driven development. Minno’s development team and leadership have confidence that new code is automatically tested and re-tested throughout development.

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