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Create tests online with your team and run them in 100% parallel

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Watch Jon create a test

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Create tests at warp speed

Zero setup

Create your first test in minutes - no installation or setup required.

Skip writing boilerplate

Create tests 10x faster by converting your actions to code.

Code you’ll 💖

Your test code uses the best selector and best-in-class open source tools.


Run tests without rocket science

CI without a PhD

Run tests in QA Wolf with one click, on every deployment, or in your own CI.

Debugging made easy

Debug with video, logs, and the exact line a test failed on.

Alert your team

Receive email or Slack alerts with one click.


Launch your product to new heights

Delight users

9/10 users form a bad opinion of your brand if your app does not work.

Grow revenue

2/3 of consumers abandon a purchase when they find a bug.

Ship features, not bugs

It costs 5x as much to fix a bug after it is released.

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