Automated end-to-end testing for:

eCommerce & Retail

eCommerce is more than just clicks and carts. Your shoppers want a smooth buying process from browsing to checkout, delivery, and returns. Along the way they're trusting you with personal information that power crucial business analytics. You also have to comply with a variety of laws, regulations, and standards to avoid legal liability.

Automated end-to-end testing catches bugs before they escape, whether they’re in custom software, white-labeled platforms, or third-party integrations. We’ll make sure everything works as it’s supposed to, so you can focus on selling and growing.

What we do

Automated QA for sellers, marketplaces, and e-commerce platforms

Automated end-to-end tests for 80%+ of customer journeys

End-to-end testing validates that an entire workflow functions as a whole, the way shoppers would actually experience it, not just individual components and widgets. If there are bugs anywhere in the experience — desktop, tablet, or phone — we’ll find them and notify you. 

Fully parallel, high-volume testing 

Because you’re always testing new layouts, conversion flows, and promotions your developers need rapid feedback on their code. Our cloud infrastructure is built to run thousands of tests simultaneously so developers know if their code is ready to ship within minutes.

24/5 test updates and maintenance 

Wherever your team is located, QA Wolf is working their hours. We have full-time QA engineers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia for 24/5 testing and support.

Test cases

Conversions, sales, satisfaction

Deliver a flawless shopping experience

Feel confident when making changes because automated tests are constantly validating product pages, discounts and promotions, payments, shipping, returns, and the rest of the customer journey. 

Drive repeat business

Validate account creation, password recovery, and order histories; as well as shopping profiles, personalized recommendations, and loyalty program data.

Verify inventory levels

Confirm that the online stock levels adjust in real-time based on purchases and returns, and ensure out-of-stock items are correctly marked on product pages. 

Prevent customer service outages

Simulate customer interactions with support platforms (like filing a ticket or starting a live chat) and ensure they integrate correctly with the back-end support system.

Stay compliant with CAN-SPAM and FTC regulations

Verify that unsubscribe and communication opt-outs are working, and avoid legal liabilities. 

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