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Testing Stripe's payment processing

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Third-party integrations
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In this test, we use Stripe’s payment simulation cards to make sure that our fake storefront can process payments — or prevent them if there’s a problem with the credit card. Starting on the Stripe dashboard, we visually confirm that the dummy email we’re using for this transaction hasn’t been used before. We then navigate to the storefront and attempt to purchase a tote bag. Our first attempt with a working credit card is successful, and we can assert the transaction on the dashboard. Our second attempt is declined, the test fails, and we can assert that no transactions were recorded on the dashboard.

How it's done

Multiple domain support

Selenium-based frameworks restrict the number of domains that can be used in a given test due to the same-origin policy. Using Playwright instead for the QA Wolf platform lets us avoid brittle workarounds when attempting to run tests like this one.

Good practice: Repeatability

QA Wolf builds tests with stability and repeatability in mind. In this case, using a unique email address per test so that his test data can’t collide with any other concurrent test data.

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