Drata secured 86% faster QA cycles

May 2024

QA Wolf is delivering QA at DrataSpeed

  • Regression testing is 90 minutes faster than before, and includes 4x more test cases.
  • Quickly onboarded and gave Drata’s QA resources space to work on new features, saving more than $500,000/year.
  • Went from overnight deploys to multiple times daily.

Meet Drata

Drata is the leading security and compliance platform. Their mission is to build trust across the cloud with software that monitors a company’s security controls, streamlines compliance workflows, and gets teams ready for third-party auditing.

test cases

Regression testing was holding back Drata’s release schedule

Since launching in January 2021, Drata has been one of the world’s fastest growing tech companies. Their growth rate has defined their company culture and drives a sense of urgency and velocity known internally as DrataSpeed

With the rapid growth, Drata’s product engineering was outpacing their ability to do comprehensive regression testing. Each release required a mix of automated and manual testing, so it took up to two hours to get pass/fail results back to developers. 

Relying on an army of manual testers was slow, error prone, and antithetical to one of Drata’s core values: Automation First. And because they were releasing so quickly, their suite of automated smoke tests needed constant attention and revision, creating additional burden for their engineers. 

So Drata started looking for a test automation solution that would deliver results at Drata Speed, and meet the demands of their QA and engineering leads:

Requirement 1: Time to value. Drata’s leadership wanted to get a solution to their testing needs as soon as humanly possible. 

“When we evaluated solutions for automation, we were looking for speed, primarily to match the DrataSpeed. We needed a solution yesterday. We asked ourselves ‘What can we get up and going that can give us the most value in the shortest amount of time?’”
—Denver Peterson, Sr. Manager of QA

Requirement 2: Code-based framework to handle Drata’s complex workflows, which include hundreds of third-party integrations, highly customizable implementations defined by the end-user’s unique SOC II and ISO compliance requirements, and dozens of user roles and permission levels.

We integrate with Okta, Google, Microsoft, JumpCloud and hundreds of other tools. It's very complex, it's constantly changing. And then we have unique customer requirements for maintaining their SOC 2 or ISO. As well as multiple web applications and local clients that work together. No-code or low-code solutions promise that they can solve all the problems but if their system isn't designed to handle the back-end architecture of our system, it ultimately ends up being time wasted.
—Denver Peterson, Sr. Manager of QA

Requirement 3: Support for continuous delivery including high concurrency infrastructure to execute huge volumes of tests quickly, and PR testing on ephemeral environments allowing their developers to shift testing as far left as possible.


Speed, cost, and confidence 

400% more test cases, 85% faster QA cycles
QA Wolf expanded Drata’s automated regression suite from around 100 test cases to over 400, with plans to expand that even further. With these tests running in parallel, and QA Wolf engineers providing 24/5 investigation and maintenance, Drata has reduced their automated testing time from 1–2 hours to 10–15 minutes. 

More than $500,000/year saved and reinvested
QA Wolf allowed Drata to shift engineering resources away from running and maintaining automated test scripts, and reinvest those resources into shipping new features at DrataSpeed. 

Happier devs working at Drata Speed
Before partnering with QA Wolf, it was common for developers to work late into the night waiting for a go from manual regression testers. Today, pass/fail results come back in a few minutes, giving the developers more time for work and life, while releasing more often than ever before. 

Everyone's very happy in leadership to see that we can release at DrataSpeed. QA Wolf has given us full confidence on each release and we’re very happy.
—Denver Peterson, Sr. Manager of QA
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