QA Wolf eighty-sixed two days of QA per sprint for 86 Repairs

October 2023

Saving time, money, and people

  • Reduced UAT cycles by more than 50% 
  • Offset the need for two full-time QA engineers
  • Returned two days per sprint to the customer ops team

Meet 86 Repairs

86 Repairs helps multi-unit restaurant groups manage repairs and maintenance. The solution allows operators to save time and control costs so they can focus on growth.

automated tests

Lengthy UAT cycles created unpredictable release schedules and hampered the team’s momentum 

The engineering team at 86 Repairs moves quickly. While the developers were able to test new features as they built, they didn’t have the resources to do full regression tests before the end of each sprint. UAT with the customer operations team would often go for days, sometimes weeks, as testers would find bugs in the legacy areas of the application that were introduced by the new features. The unpredictability of each testing cycle made long-term planning difficult or impossible. 

Because manual testing is so error-prone, releases also created a lot of anxiety in the team. After a release, the engineers were forced to take a “wait and see” approach, and reactively respond to any bugs that hadn’t been caught by manual testing. 

Prior to investing in QA Wolf, our release schedules were much less predictable — sometimes two weeks, sometimes four or five weeks — because you were never sure how long UAT would take. And there was always mystery and excitement about what a release would do. Now our releases are delightfully boring, which is what you want.
—Ryan Graffy, Director of Software Engineering

Predictability, speed, and savings

Daily testing keeps 86 Repairs’ roadmap on schedule
Before partnering with QA Wolf, manual QA cycles made the team’s roadmap unpredictable and new features difficult to plan for. With automated tests run daily, everyone in the company has visibility into when new features will be released and announced to customers. 

Shorter release cycles deliver value to customers faster
Depending on the release, testing could take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks, which prevented them from taking new features to market. QA Wolf helps 86 Repairs deliver value faster so they can attract new customers and better support existing customers.

Less time on testing means more time for customer operations
As a small company, 86 Repairs didn’t have dedicated testers so people from the customer operations team had to chip in at the end of each sprint, pulling time away from their core responsibilities. QA Wolf returned hundreds of hours each year to the customer ops team, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

We're getting the value of 1–2 full-time QA engineers and we’re spending the cost of half of one — so we’re seeing really good ROI. And that's not counting any spend for cloud tools.
—Ryan Graffy, Director of Software Engineering
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