Hail to Chief's 60% test coverage

January 2023

Rapid transformation of the highest quality

  • Automated 60% of core user flows in four months.
  • Improved Chief’s member experience by preventing bugs from reaching production.
  • Freed in-house QA engineers to focus on product development.

Meet Chief

Chief is a membership network designed for women in the C-Suite, senior executives, and accomplished VPs to strengthen their leadership, magnify their influence, and pave the way to bring others with them. Their digital platform facilitates community groups, member meet-ups, and professional introductions that complement physical clubhouses around the U.S.

members from...
organizations, including...
Fortune 100 companies

Transitioning from live to virtual without sacrificing product quality or the member experience

Embracing a digital model that could scale with their growth meant getting creative in how members connected and interacted with each other. New features were being rolled out and Chief’s dev ops team had to be sure that they could release without bugs or regressions that would impact members. Expanding their automated test suite and shifting away from manual QA was key to a successful transition.

Chief took a hybrid approach as the team transitioned away from manual QA to automated testing: in-house QA engineers were assigned to product teams while QA Wolf would ramped up a backlog of tests and rapid test development to fill the team’s coverage  By combining in-house QA engineers with QA Wolf, they’re able to complete full regression tests every time they deploy.

Prior to automated testing, it would take an entire day to feel confident in a new feature. Now, we’ll make an update in our dev ops pipeline, or add in some code, and avoid shipping bugs to production because it’s all been run through the QA Wolf test suite.
—Whitney Sanborn, Lead Test Engineer

Chief stayed on-mission by transforming to a digital community to serve their members

  • Full automated test coverage in 4 months jointly maintained by QA Wolf and in-house QA engineers.
  • Enabled a complete digital transformation thanks to faster release cycles and fewer bugs.
  • In-house developers are focused on higher value projects instead of constantly maintaining test suites.
QA Wolf will free time for in-house engineers to be more strategic, focusing on product work and development. I like that I can outline what needs to be automated, and QA Wolf will automate it. This allows our team to focus on our product, and remain confident in the test coverage that we need.”
—Whitney Sanborn, Lead Test Engineer
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