A 20x increase in engineering capacity has Pequity sitting pretty

March 2023

Velocity two ways: Faster QA and less rework 

  • 15–20x more frequent releases
  • 66% fewer bug tickets per sprint
  • $1M/year in reclaimed engineering time

Meet Pequity 

Pequity helps HR teams with the complicated and often uncomfortable job of managing compensation. Their tools and data help leaders plan and budget for pay adjustments, make competitive offers for new talent, and keep compensation equitable inside the company.


Pequity needed to speed up the release cycle and improve quality

When Jeff Auston came in to lead engineering at Pequity,  his goal was to build a test-driven engineering culture and a continuous deployment pipeline that would allow the company to hit their goals. He was looking for a better solution for both speed and quality — and in particular to replace his reliance on manual testing.

Time to get new features to customers is especially important for early stage companies. We should be releasing to production daily.
—Jeff Auston, VP of Engineering

Two factors were limiting Pequity’s release schedule:

First, the team was relying on manual testers to review each release candidate, which could take up to a week depending on the size of the build. When developers finished a build, they would toss it to QA and wait for feedback. But the testers — without a comprehensive test matrix — would focus on the new features before completing a full regression test.

That, in turn, caused the second problem: During the time-consuming QA cycles, untested branches would pile up. Sometimes bugs got reintroduced inadvertently, which wasted precious engineering time.

Not all maintenance is a loss. There's a certain amount of that that's always going to be necessary and healthy. But when you're doing more than necessary it adds up.
—Jeff Auston, VP of Engineering

Shipping more, fixing less, and meeting goals

Accelerated release schedule from bi-weekly to daily
With zero automated testing and painfully long QA cycles, continuous deployment was a pipe dream. QA Wolf accelerated the team to daily deployments and testing is no longer a bottleneck.

Decreased bug hot fixes by 66%
Before developers could run the QA Wolf suite on every build, bugs were constantly getting out to production and engineers would spend too much time hunting them down. Today, engineers have a healthy 80/20 mix of feature development to maintenance — which means more delivery for the business.

Since early December 2022 when we started to run every staging build against the QA Wolf suite and I can’t point to a single bug that’s gotten through.
—Jeff Auston, VP of Engineering
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