Seeing stars: Vividly saves 4 days on QA

January 2023

Performance, agility, and product development

  • Went from less than 1% automated test coverage to 75% in four months, shortening their testing cycle from days to minutes
  • Allowed QA engineers to focus on more strategic aspects of QA and product quality improvements, while developers had more time to work on new features.
  • Enabled a company-wide transformation and platform refactor

Meet Vividly

Vividly is a trade management tool that helps CPG businesses automate their workflows. The software tracks and forecasts trade spending, saving by providing food and beverage brands with insights that can save brands up to 20 percent of their revenue.

Total Tests

Vividly set their sights on growth, but manual testing got in the way

As a small start-up, Vividly was frustrated with their error-prone manual testing that would take 2-4 days to complete, draining their team of time and resources. Vividly’s QAEs spent their days – and long hours over weekends – manually testing the same scenarios, and bugs continued to surface. As a result, Vividly overworked teams faced an “incredible lack of certainty” when preparing to launch new features.

"What we used to do is ask people to work over the weekend, and someone would run through the test. And if something broke, an engineer would need to go in and make sure it worked. Then the test cycle would start again."
– Brian Wu, DevOps Team Lead

What’s more is that Vividly is in the thick of an extensive product refactoring, and throughout the process, must continue supporting clients on their current product. Manually testing every release to their current system takes time and focus away from building their new system and delays the transition.

The folks at Vividly knew the importance of QA. Overwhelmed by the time-consuming hassle of manual testing and product transformation, Vividly invested in a combined partnership with their internal team and QA Wolf.

“Vividly’s manual testing took anywhere between two to four days or so. And then of course, even before that, engineers were coming up with their own test scripts to try to move things forward, but very few people know about testing. We had no front-end or back-end test infrastructure.”
– Brian Wu, DevOps Team Lead

Vividly’s investment in QA Wolf freed up their QAEs and enabled a company-wide transformation

75% end-to-end test coverage and full regression tests in minutes, not days
With .5% UAT and regression test coverage, Vividly was desperate for a new solution. By partnering with QA Wolf, Vividly reached 75 percent test coverage within four months. With this level of coverage, Vividly has the freedom to work on a new area of their application with peace of mind that QA Wolf’s tests are covering its original system.  

QAEs focus on additional aspects of QA
It took Vividly days to run error-prone manual tests. With QA Wolf, Vividly’s QAEs can focus on performance, load, and exploratory testing, instead of maintaining an end-to-end test suite.

Streamlined workflow by serving as an extension of their QA team
Through QA Wolf’s integrations with Jira, Notion, Vividly’s CI/CD pipeline, and Slack, Vividly’s workflow processes and company culture transformed from the bottom up.

“Knowing there is a team of engineers that is effectively an extension of my team to help build out end-to-end tests is very useful. Having spoken to a variety of QA folks at QA Wolf, I know we speak the same language.”
– Brian Wu, DevOps Team Lead
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