Andy Parsons: From jazz musician to coding for authenticity

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Andy Parsons
Sr. Director

Andy Parsons is Adobe's Senior Director of Content Authenticity. Not only is he an exceptional engineering leader who builds systems that improve how people interact with the media, but he also holds the "coolest cat in town" status in the tech sector thanks to his side hustle as a professional jazz saxophonist and composer.

When he's not coding for fun or giving creators the attribution tools they need for their work, he's creating software and standards for digital provenance. He embodies the principles of an authenticity-focused leader. Simply put, he's passionate about empowering creative professionals to be real and innovative through technology.

Where does he find his drive?

In the series premiere of Wolfed, Parsons joins host Chris Cohen to discuss:

  • His career journey from aspiring musician to multi-start-up co-founder. before becoming a senior director at Adobe.
  • How savoring your failures can make you a better people leader.
  • Why it's important to take accountability when your team takes risks.
  • The cultural differences between start-ups and large corporations.

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