Irina Krechmer: Engineering a culture of trust and excellence

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Irina Krechmer
Former CTO

Irina Krechmer is the former CTO of Blue Apron, a tech investor, and a people leader who has been around the block. She wrote code before Agile was the name of the game for development and has guided many companies in the e-commerce, education, media, and food industries, both private and public, into the future of tech.

She’s known for her knack for people and a passion for mentoring the next generation. This personable reputation made her the inspiring leader many professionals in engineering aspire to become.

She didn’t always want to oversee large teams. Like many business icons, the opportunity for greatness was thrust upon her.

How did she find her calling to leadership? Tune into this insightful episode of Wolfed to find out.

Krechmer joins host Chris Cohen to cover:

  • Her career journey from being born in Ukraine to falling in love with software engineering and eventually becoming the CTO of Blue Apron.
  • Reluctantly embracing her knack for management to achieve career success.
  • The contrast between leading individual contributors and leading leaders.
  • How to shape and scale a culture of trust and autonomy among teams.
  • Why vigilance in the recruiting process creates a positive work environment for engineers.

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