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Verify the Prada website displays correctly on different screens

eCommerce & retail
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Adaptive and responsive

This test executes an end-to-end workflow twice, using the Prada website. For the first test, the user browses from a desktop computer to simulate a customer viewing the Women’s Bags category. The test asserts that all the expected subcategories are visible. In the second test, the user switches to an iPhone13. The Prada website adapts differently to the iPhone than it did for the desktop and delivers a different navigation experience. The assertion for this second test is similar to the first, with the exception that the specific location of the elements are different from the first.

How it's done

Built-in device emulation

Because QA Wolf uses Playwright under the hood, our tests automatically support emulation for more than 100 common devices. Our platform makes instantiating a device a matter of adding a single declaration to the launcher.

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