Working with QA Wolf

Welcome to the QA Wolfpack, we are excited to work together! This document answers common questions about who we are and how to work with us. 🐺

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What is QA Wolf?

QA Wolf is a service that helps teams with quality assurance (QA) so they can catch bugs and ship faster.

Specifically, we write, run, and maintain automated end-to-end tests that use your application like your users do. This allows us to test your core user flows like log in daily and when you deploy. We also investigate every test failure and either 1) report a bug or 2) maintain your test.

We write your tests with Microsoft’s Playwright framework, which is an open-source alternative to Selenium or Cypress. You can see your tests any time by logging in to QA Wolf.

How does QA Wolf communicate with my team?

QA Wolf sets up a shared Slack channel for teams that we work with. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or requests (check if a bug is fixed, run your test suite, add tests for a new feature, etc.). We are around 24 hours a day during the work week to help.

We post weekly updates in this channel, as well as bug reports and any questions we have about automating your tests.

We recommend you add your development team to this channel to maximize visibility into any issues we find. Some teams also have a rotation where one person each week watches the shared channel to ensure bug reports are noticed and any questions we have are answered.

If you are having trouble accessing your shared channel, reach out to

How does QA Wolf report bugs?

We investigate every test failure so your team can focus on shipping. We report any bugs we find in the shared Slack channel.

When a test is marked as bug or needing maintenance, it will no longer run to reduce noise in your test suite. We periodically revalidate all bugs, but are also available to check any test immediately if you ask us to do so in Slack.

We can also set up an integration so bug reports are automatically added to your issue tracker (Jira, Linear, etc.). Please ping us in Slack if you’d like help with this.

Can you integrate tests into my CI/CD pipeline?

Yes - QA Wolf supports running tests every time you deploy.

There are a few ways to integrate, and our recommended path forward will depend on your particular setup. The simplest way to get started is to book a meeting with us to discuss. You can also read our docs to learn more.

How long will my test suite take to run?

QA Wolf provides infrastructure to run your tests in 100% parallel. This means you can get test results in a few minutes.

This contrasts to running tests in most CI providers, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to hours (see the Cypress public dashboard for examples). Since browsers are resource intensive, most CI providers do not provide sufficient computing power to run more than a few tests at a time. QA Wolf addresses this limitation by using a separate container for every test.

While QA Wolf can run tests in 100% parallel, we’ve found that some customer applications cannot handle too much concurrent traffic. In these scenarios, we limit the number of tests we run at once to avoid overloading your test environment.

How do I request test coverage for new features?

Anyone on your team can request test coverage for new features. You do this by sending us a message in Slack that describes your request. If helpful, you can also include a short video of you walking through your changes.

We can add test coverage for your new feature as soon as it is available on an environment with a URL that we can access, such as staging/QA/dev or even a preview environment for a pull request.

After we complete your request, we close the loop with you in Slack and list your new test(s) in the next weekly update.

What do I do when someone new joins my team?

When someone new joins your team, we recommend:

  1. Adding them to the shared Slack channel
  2. Sharing this overview document with them

If they have any questions, they can always reach us in Slack.

How can I meet with QA Wolf?

You can book a meeting with us any time. If none of these times work for you, you can reach out in the shared Slack channel to find a different time.

What are QA Wolf’s hours of operation?

QA Wolves are available 24 hours a day during the work week (Monday through Friday). Specifically, our hours are Sunday at 4pm PST to Friday at 5pm PST. We start on Sunday since that is Monday for our team in Australia. 🐨

The QA Wolf platform can run tests any time. You can check the uptime status of QA Wolf here.

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