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QA Wolf is zero-effort automated QA. We get you to 80% coverage in four months — and keep you there — so your team can stay focused on shipping.

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QA, the better way

2/3 of tech companies have less than 50% test coverage. Why? Traditional QA strategies pit coverage against velocity. The more testing you do, the slower you ship.

QA Wolf is different. By combining the best parts of in-house QA & test platforms, we deliver ultra-high end-to-end test coverage that never slows you down.

“QA Wolf has given our team — from engineering to product, customer success, and sales —  confidence in what we ship to our customers”

Daniel Whatley, CTO @ Vividly

“Communication from QA Wolf is flawless.”

Anton Levitsky, Technical Lead @ REO

“There was a huge pendulum swing for me from feeling like I had to massively micro-manage everything from an internal QA process, to complete peace of mind that QA Wolf was handling it.”

John Henderson, CTO @ Minno

How QA Wolf works

step one: plan & prioritize

Get in the flow

First step is getting to know your app. You don’t have to have any kind of test plan; a short demo is all we need. From there we’ll build out a comprehensive plan that’ll get you to 80%+ coverage in four months or less, starting with your most critical flows.

draft tests organized into groups in the QA Wolf app
End-to-end test code in the QA Wolf editor.End-to-end test code in the QA Wolf editor.
step Two: Write tests

Write, run, repeat

Once the plan is settled, we start coding your end-to-end tests. We’ll report on progress every week, and you can log in any time to see where things stand. Our platform uses Playwright under the hood; you’re never locked in, and if we part ways test code is yours to keep and use.

step three: run tests

QA every day

As we build out coverage, we’ll work with you to integrate QA Wolf into your dev process and start running tests. From a Github integration to a flexible API, we can work the way you do. Our ultra-fast platform runs every test 100% in parallel so you get results in minutes, not hours or days.

summary result of a daily staging server test runsummary result of a daily staging server test runsummary result of a daily staging server test runsummary result of a daily staging server test run
The QA Wolf test run playback interface.
step Four: investigate failures

The bug stops here

We don’t just run tests, we investigate every single failure. If it turns out to be a test code problem, we fix it. If it’s a bug, we write up a report with repro steps, a video recording, logs, etc. Instead of dealing with flaky tests and false positives, you get pure, actionable signal.

QA Wolf vs. IN-HOUSE

Most QA strategies take a lot of effort and deliver marginal returns. QA Wolf flips the script; you get huge value for a tiny amount of effort.

effort - In house

  • hire, onboard, and manage a QA team
  • develop a test plan
  • research and select tools
  • write and maintain CI/CD integrations
  • build and maintain test infrastructure
  • investigate every test failure
  • maintain flaky tests
  • create reports and analytics

Outcomes - In house

  • low chance of  > 50% test coverage
  • 2 years to reach peak coverage

effort - QA Wolf

  • a tour of your app when we get started
  • occasional review sessions

Outcomes - QA Wolf

  • 80%+ end-to-end coverage in 4 months
  • expert team of QA engineers
  • comprehensive test plan
  • failure triaging and test maintenance
  • high-quality bug reports
  • ultra-fast parallel test run infrastructure
  • easy to use app with a dedicated team
  • more focus, faster velocity

See how much building an in-house QA team really costs with our in-house QA cost calculator.


Who is QA Wolf for?

We're a great fit for growing SAAS startups, companies with no or low coverage, and companies that want to free up their QA team from test maintenance.

How do you provide support?

Working with us feels like working with an in-house team. We use a shared chat channel (Slack, Discord, etc.) and respond to messages in minutes.

Does it work with... ?

If your app is accessible over the web, it’ll work with QA Wolf. We also support flows that include external integrations like Stripe or Salesforce, email, Auth0, SMS, etc.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies on the size of your app, but it’s usually about half the cost of an in-house equivalent. You pay for coverage, not time or test runs; you’ll never get a surprise bill.

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