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There comes a time in every start-up’s life, right around finding product-market fit, when they recognize that quality, reliability, and stability are key to reaching that next level. And the question is: Do you spend the time and money to recruit and train an in-house team or do you borrow time from developers to build and maintain a test suite?

The better answer is test coverage as a service. You get more and pay less. Not just more tests, but more reliable tests, with faster results because of parallel run infrastructure, faster failure investigation from a 24/5 team, and faster bug reporting directly into your issue tracker.

What we do

The fastest coverage for the fastest teams

80% test coverage in 3 months

Take your developer count and multiply it by 25. That’s how many tests you’ll need for full coverage. Divide that by X — that’s how many QA engineers you’d need to get there in 3 months. 

Compare QA Wolf to an in-house team

3 minute QA cycles on hosted and managed test-run infrastructure

A start-up can only move as fast as their deployment pipeline allows. With our cloud infrastructure running your suite in parallel, developers get results in minutes whether you have 100 tests or 1,000. 

Compare test run infrastructure costs

24/5 bug reporting, test maintenance, and QA support

The biggest drain for in-house teams is maintaining the test suite while shipping new code — we take that off your team so they can focus on feature work.

Test cases

Managed QA designed for the start-up world

Ready now
You can have 80%+ test coverage in less time than it takes to interview and hire a QA engineer and stay focused on your product.

Adaptable to change
Pivot all you want, we don’t charge test creation fees. We’ll rebuild any test in your suite as often as you ship.

Predictable prices
We charge a flat fee per test for unlimited parallel runs and unlimited maintenance. No surprises. 

No vendor lock-in
Tests are built in open-source Playwright. You own them and can export them any time you want.

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